Twelvefold ( is an AI focused startup studio that builds startups from the ground up and brings on entrepreneurs to scale them. Our team includes successful ex-founders as well as an exceptional set of folks ranging from engineering and product to legal and M&A.

Twelvefold’s unique strength lies in its experience building AI companies, running capital efficient global teams, and the ability to support exceptional immigrant entrepreneurs.

Companies we already built—AI observability platform and AI Solutions.


Twelvefold’s culture is built on a foundation of raw ambition, high autonomy, and lightning-fast execution. Our belief is that skilled individuals leveraging AI-assistance can be 10-100X more productive. We empower these super-builders to take risks, make bold decisions, and own their impact, without the red tape that slows them down. You will find plentiful opportunities to continue growing and working on a diverse set of challenges.

Open Roles

Twelvefold Core Team

Sr. Software Engineer (Austin)

Chief Of Staff (Austin)

AI Researcher (Austin)

Product Manager (Austin)

Growth Lead [B2B + B2C experience] (Austin)

Portfolio Companies

**Attri →** Tech Lead (Dallas/Austin)

**Attri → Director of Sales (Dallas)**

**Attri → Director of Marketing (Dallas/Austin)**

If you are interested in any of the positions, drop a line to [email protected] with a few lines about yourself.